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Our goal is to help you turn the Internet into a certain means of making money by providing you with what you need to build your online business. We help you build your internet presence by optimizing your search engine rankings while providing you with resources to market your product and much more.

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1000's of Real People in 180+ Countries are Earning Quiet Fortunes From Home Using the Most Ingenious Automated Marketing System Ever Invented. The FIRST 7 DAYS ARE FREE! And thereafter the cost to you is a mere $10 PER MONTH WITH UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIAL! Click Here to find out how!

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Our Team has One Goal...
$9,330.00 monthly Income for Every Partner on Our Team

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Our system is very simple... We work as a team. We do not rest until each and every one of our partner's has 6 partner's in his/her business. Within a reasonable time frame, he/she earns a $9,330 monthly income.

Each partner's business is promoted by 6 to 8 other partner's on Our Team and we will continue to do so until that partner has his/her 6 partner's on his/her team.

Why 6?... Because in working as a team, it's Attainable and it is the number that's necessary for attaining our monthly income goal.

Statistics show that the average network marketer working alone, is able to recruit only two... and if everybody in his/her downline also recruits only two, his/her income is only $62.00/month. Not very impressive is it? No wonder 97% give up on network marketing.

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"My income has almost doubled each and every month... All you have to do is invite people to watch your movie."

"We've already had two vacations. We're getting ready to have our third vacation for a week because of this opportunity. It's generating thousands of dollars per week in personal income for us."

"If you're sick you get paid, if it's a holiday you get paid, if it's raining you get paid! We've got a really, really nice full time income, working just part time
from home."

"I can build a six figure income with this business. I have been with this company for a very short time and my business has expanded beyond my expectations. This business sells itself."

"A message to other senior citizens: Age is only the date on the calendar. Prove to yourself, as I have, that age is no barrier to providing additional
income for life."

"No potions. No Inventory to buy. No selling involved. I have personally sponsored hundreds of affiliates with GDI and tremendous success has come from that. The business is easy, simple and profitable."

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Here at Business Building for the Entrepreneur we are proud to continue the legacy of Global Domains International Mission Statement: "You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

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Website and Logo Design and Branding for the Small Business

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The Following e-Book Files are for Windows Computers

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Them for FREE to Promote Your Business

Practical DotCom Business
This e-Book provides a business model completely free of charge and without requiring you to buy or invest in anything. It is for the sole purpose of getting your on-line business up and running.
File Size = 542KB -

Search Engine Ascent
This book will help you claim your rightful place among those elusive top search results.
File Size = 590KB -

Web Site Magic
Tutorials to help you build your site from the ground up.
File Size = 518KB -

E-Book Ideas
Some great stuff on ebooks. But there's more! This is also a terrific reference as it has chapters on ezine promotion, search engines, directories, tons of promotional resources.
File Size = 726KB -

How to Avoid this $7,400.00 Mistake
By reading this book, you will gain the information that can save you literally thousands of dollars in learning how to market any product or service on the internet successfully.
File Size = 389KB -

Web Site Design Course
Designing websites can be very rewarding. It is definitely something you can learn without the need for a vast amount of computer experience or education.
File Size = 1126KB -

Killer Ads
Discover how to write killer ads and increase your sales by 1200%
File Size = 452KB -

Cover Art Tutorial
Whoever said don't judge a book by its cover never sold a book. We are going to show you step-by-step how to create your own professional covers.
File Size = 658KB -

Ingredients for Success
Over 40 online entrepreneurs reveal how you can get more traffic and make more sales online starting in as little as a few weeks.
File Size = 1214KB -

Your Own Internet Business
Advice and guidance from 19 successful internet marketers.
File Size = 581KB -

The World's 1st Self Updating e-Marketing e-Book
Get the latest tips, tricks and tactics from the net's leading entrepreneurs updated weekly from this ebook.
File Size = 401KB -

Online Stealth Marketing
Open your mind for some new concepts and new ideas... and you will find the success you desire.
File Size = 471KB -

Disclaimer: The information provided in this list of e-Books is for informational use only. The information contained within this list is in no way an endoresement of any of the information or websites listed, and we make no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to the documents, websites or any part thereof, including any warrantees of title, noninfringement of copyright or patent rights of others, merchantability, or fitness or suitability for any purpose.

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